Coalinga Disk Cleaner

Vosburg Technology Center Disk Cleaning Service

CD Cleaning and Repair Service Do you have scratched or worn CD’s, DVD’s, or XBOX360 games that you would like cleaned? Vosburg Technology Center has purchased a commercial grade Disk Cleaner that can clean, repair, and sometimes even erase scratches from your worn disks. The process takes around 5 minutes […]


How to build a computer

Here is a little walk thru on how to build a computer.             In this post we will walk you through a step by step process of building a computer and installing windows 7. We will also explain what parts it takes to build a […]

BootMGR Missing

Computer error messages!!

When your computer has an error message such as BOOTMGR Missing or Corrupt it can mean a few different things. 1. Bad or Corrupt Hard Drive 2. Virus and Spy-ware Infection 3. Windows configuration error usually caused by viruses and spyware, windows update, or program conflicts. The good news is […]

Xbox 360 3 Rings of Death, Temporary Fix

Here is a youtube video that we did on a quick temporary fix that you can use to get your xbox up and running for a short period of time! As with anything , do at your own risk. Attention fire hazard!!!

Xbox 360

Facebook Virus

Hey friends there is a new virus going around on facebook called the koobface virus. It can infect you in many ways from the games you play , to simply clicking on someones link that links you to an outside page of facebook. Here is an article describing the virus […]

Our new online store

  We Have Our New Online Store and Shopping Cart Showcasing our Custom Built Computers



Coalinga Mardi Gras Rainy Day Success!!!

Thanks to all who came out and made the Coalinga Marti Gras a success even though it was raining. There was plenty of food and drinks, along with some great entertainment. We talked to many people about many things ranging from Computer Repair/Wireless Internet to the great face painting, books, […]